Dear participants to the 13th International Choir Festival Koper 2019, dear singers,

Local communities often like to boast about the number of bricks they have invested in culture, but in Koper, we much prefer to count the people who create culture and live it. We are aware that the only true defenders of our culture are we ourselves. And owing to choral singing, there is ever more of us, we are more connected and have better harmony. Singing in company strengthens the spiritual power of our community, its creativity, grace and self-confidence.

We live in a time that divides us, that crushes our mutual bonds, and music is one of those important factors that still holds us together. Some people have difficulties understanding how a person can take time to sing after a long working day and all the obligations, and even spend part of their holidays for the sake of singing. They do not understand the incredible energy that fills you, the youthful joy that envelops you when, together with your friends, you work hard to make a beautiful performance.

Fortunately, the number of such people is decreasing, and the merit for this goes also to the organizers of the Festival, the Mixed Choir Obala Koper, who has been bringing high quality singing to our town for over 40 years.

It is therefore my greatest honour to be able to invite you as the honorary patron of the 13th International Choir Festival. I believe that this year, too, there will be a crowd of enthusiastic listeners who, together with you, will strengthen the reputation of our city as an important centre of choral music in this part of Europe.



Aleš Bržan


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