Ladies and Gentlemen,

It is with great enthusiasm and pride that we await the opening night of the International Choir Festival this year, as it announces a musical event that unfolds over several days and offers the best vocal performances to its audience. This year’s 12th edition of the festival is particularly festive, since it celebrates the 40th anniversary of the Mixed Choir Obala. The municipality of Koper is proud of this important milestone as we also consider it the anniversary of contemporary vocal, musical and cultural expression, which has flourished in our region particularly over the last few years. There have been many successful events dedicated to choral music and our many choirs, the Obala among them, have had many successes.

We are glad to be part of their success, as we pay particular attention to and support the activities of amateur cultural associations, which include vocal ensembles and choirs. The latter are especially popular in our region and have a rich tradition that has been maintained both in the city centre and in our picturesque rural surroundings. Music, and choral music in particular, has always meant much more than just singing in a choir: it has moved the wheels of cultural and social life; it has had a crucial role in uniting people and generating social contacts. I believe this is true to this day and events, such as the International Choir Festival Koper, undoubtedly play their part.

We congratulate wholeheartedly the organizer of the festival, the Mixed Choir Obala, which strives to preserve such an important musical event. May all the participants and the visitors have a pleasant experience and may they enjoy while performing and listening to vocal music to the fullest. Moreover, let me express my congratulations to the Mixed Choir Obala Koper on occasion of their 40th anniversary once more. May it continue to flourish in the years to come.

The mayor
Boris Popovič
Honorary Sponsor of the 12th International Choir Festival of Koper

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