Mixed Choir Obala Koper


The Mixed Choir Obala Koper was founded in 1977 and it is resolutely heading for its fifth decade of activity. Over 300 singers have been part of the choir through the years, as Obala constantly regenerates itself maintaining its original vital energy. An example of this is the organization of the international choir festival of Koper, a biennial event that has already become a pivot of Koper’s cultural life. In the past, the choir has been led by Mirko Slosar, Walter Lo Nigro, Ambrož Čopi, Maja Cilenšek, Sebastjan Vrhovnik and since September 2017, it is conducted by Andrej Makor. In April 2012, Obala won its twelfth gold plate at the national choral competition “Naša pesem” in Maribor. The singers are especially proud of several first prizes and awards at foreign competitions: the latest achievements come from Italy (Rimini, 2008, “C. A. Seghizzi”, 2011), the Netherlands (2006), Germany (2010) and Bosnia and Herzegovina (2014). These awards are a symbol of the continuous growth in quality of the choir, which often co-organizes a number of events on local and national level. The singers enjoy working with other choirs, orchestras and organizations; the choir also stimulates the production of new music by commissioning compositions to the youngest generation of Slovene composers. Last year it contributed to the release of Fantazije, the first album of the promising young composer from the Primorska region, Andrej Makor.



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